Monokini Bathing Suit

A monokini swimsuit is made to show off beautiful body curves and distinct sense of style. It is a fashion statement, an individual’s unique way of presenting glamour to the outside world.

One of the sexiest monokini swimsuits is one that covers the woman’s upper chest. It gives the onlooker something to delight their imagination with while at the same time, have enough view of the curves and the flesh of a woman. The emphasized cut of the fabric to show the stomach, the upper back or lower back gives an irresistible sexiness and appeal.

Monokini swimsuit is perfect for women with long upper bodies, full breasts and tiny waist. It can only be ideal for women with a proportional body shape or an hour glass figure. Sadly, monokini swimsuit will not flatter athletic or straight bodied women as it will not look good in the non-fleshy area of the body.

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